Share the Shop Small movement

Share the Shop Small movement


Welcome to Shop Small® – the movement dedicated to supporting small businesses who do big things for their local communities.

Last November, Shop Small encouraged people to go out and give small businesses what they needed most – more customers. And Card Members responded, shopping small over three million times at small businesses.

Now with Shop Small 2015 just around the corner, we’re getting ready to do it all over again this November – only bigger and better.

But you don’t need to wait until then to support your local community – just take a look around this site to find out how, and start shopping small today.

Small Business


As a business that accepts American Express, you’ll be featured on our interactive Shop Small map1 – which tens of thousands of Card Members use to find businesses in their area.

You’ll also be able to create your own complimentary online banner ads and window stickers, download complimentary merchandise and signage, access your Merchant Dashboard, and generate your own local marketing campaigns.


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Our Shop Small 2015 partners are helping us create an even bigger Shop Small

Neighbourhood Champion

Are you passionate about your community?

Shop Small needs people with energy and determination to create special local events that will inspire their communities to Shop Small this November. We call them Neighbourhood Champions, and we invite you to join with them and plan an event.

Why not take a look at all the events that have been organised so far to rally local support during Shop Small in November. Find the ones closest to you and check back regularly as more events get added closer to November.

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[1] In order for your business to be displayed on the Shop Small Map for American Express Card Members to see, you must process at least one American Express transaction between July and September 2015.

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If your business is eligible, you can apply to participate in the Program between 12.01 am GMT+10 on 14 September 2015 until 11:59 p.m. GMT+10 on 30 November 2015. Online Ads are anticipated to run during the period beginning 19 September 2015 and ending 2 December 2015 – but this may be changed in our discretion. For full terms and conditions please click here.